How to commute to PSA Quezon City from Monumento Circle?

Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Get to PSA Quezon City from Monumento Circle via BUS

Public Transport Guide

  1. Walk

    Distance 242 m

    1. DEPART on to Monumento Circle
    2. CIRCLE CLOCKWISE on to Monumento Circle
  2. BUS

    Ride 1: EDSA Carousel Busway

    From: MCU Median Stop, EDSA, Monumento

    To: EDSA Quezon Ave. Median Stop (SB)

    Fare: ₱20.25

    Provider: LTFRB Service Contracting (PUB)

  3. Walk

    Distance 1 km

    1. DEPART on to EDSA
    2. RIGHT on to service road
    3. LEFT on to sidewalk
    4. LEFT on to path
    5. RIGHT on to steps
    6. LEFT on to NIA South Road-Scout Borromeo Street Footbridge
    7. RIGHT on to steps
    8. HARD LEFT on to sidewalk
    9. RIGHT on to NIA South
    10. RIGHT on to NIA Road
    11. LEFT on to East Avenue
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