How to commute to Puregold Balintawak from Del Monte Avenue?

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

Get to Puregold Balintawak from Del Monte Avenue via JEEP

Public Transport Guide

  1. Walk

    Distance 464 m

    1. DEPART on to Del Monte Avenue
  2. JEEP

    Ride T312: Balintawak-Frisco

    From: Del Monte Avenue / Malac Intersection, Quezon City

    To: Old Samson Road / Kaingin Road Intersection, Quezon City

    Fare: ₱12

    Provider: LTFRB Service Contracting (PUJ)

  3. Walk

    Distance 834 m

    1. DEPART on to Kaingin Road
    2. SLIGHTLY LEFT on to steps
    3. CONTINUE on to sidewalk

Del Monte Avenue

About Del Monte Avenue

Del Monte Avenue is the main road in San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City's oldest district.

Puregold Balintawak

About Puregold Balintawak

Puregold Balintawak is a major commercial landmark along the northern edge of EDSA, close to the Balintawak Cloverleaf and Ayala Cloverleaf mall, which offers bulk purchases for household items, groceries, and fresh produce. The area features major connections to the EDSA Carousel and LRT-1 Balintawak Station.

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