How to commute to Quinta Pasig Ferry Station from San Agustin Church?

Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Get to Quinta Pasig Ferry Station from San Agustin Church via

Public Transport Guide

  1. Walk

    Distance 2 km

    1. DEPART on to General Luna Street
    2. RIGHT on to Urdaneta Street
    3. LEFT on to Cabildo Street
    4. RIGHT on to Real Street
    5. RIGHT on to sidewalk
    6. LEFT on to path
    7. LEFT on to steps
    8. LEFT on to underpass
    9. LEFT on to steps
    10. RIGHT on to Padre Burgos Avenue
    11. CONTINUE on to Quezon Boulevard
    12. LEFT on to steps
    13. RIGHT on to service road
    14. LEFT on to Carlos Palanca Street
    15. LEFT on to path

San Agustin Church

About San Agustin Church

The San Agustin Church is located in the heart of the fortified city of Intramuros in Manila. It was completed in 1607 and is the oldest stone church in the country. It is under the auspices of the Order of St. Augustine and is a World Heritage Site. The church is made of stone and brick with a tiled roof. It has a single nave and is adorned with intricate carvings and paintings. The church also has a number of sculptures and relics.

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Quinta Pasig Ferry Station

About Quinta Pasig Ferry Station

This is the Pasig Ferry stop at Quinta, Manila, on the north side of the Pasig River, by the Quinta Market and the Quezon Bridge. The Quiapo Church is a short distance away. The Lawton ferry stop is just on the other side of the Pasig River.
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