How to commute to Lágrima (San Juan) from Puregold Shaw?

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

Get to Lágrima (San Juan) from Puregold Shaw via

Public Transport Guide

  1. Walk

    Distance 1 km

    1. DEPART on to Liberty Center Service Road
    2. LEFT on to Shaw Boulevard
    3. RIGHT on to Pilar Street
    4. RIGHT on to P. Burgos Street
    5. LEFT on to C. M. Recto Street
    6. RIGHT on to P. Guevarra Street

Puregold Shaw

About Puregold Shaw

Puregold Shaw is located inside Mandala Park along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong, and offers bulk purchases for household items, groceries, and fresh produce. The branch is accessible by jeep.

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Lágrima (San Juan)

About Lágrima (San Juan)

Lágrima is a taqueria serving authentic Mexican food for dine-in and delivery. Its San Juan branch is along Wilson, close to its intersection with Arras.
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