How to commute to Ortigas CBD from Poco Deli (Pasig)?

Last Updated on March 4, 2023

Get to Ortigas CBD from Poco Deli (Pasig) via

Public Transport Guide

  1. Walk

    Distance 2 km

    1. DEPART on to East Capitol Drive
    2. CONTINUE on to United Street
    3. RIGHT on to 1st Street
    4. LEFT on to Phil-Am Street
    5. LEFT on to San Rafael Street
    6. RIGHT on to Pioneer Street
    7. LEFT on to Shaw Boulevard
    8. RIGHT on to Escriva Drive
    9. LEFT on to service road
    10. RIGHT on to Gold Loop
    11. LEFT on to Gold Loop
    12. RIGHT on to Pearl Drive
    13. CONTINUE on to service road

Poco Deli (Pasig)

About Poco Deli (Pasig)

Poco Deli is a family-owned restaurant and delicatessen. The Pasig branch is located along East Capitol Drive, close to Shaw Boulevard, Capitol Commons, and Ace Water Spa.

Ortigas CBD

About Ortigas CBD

The Ortigas Center is a large business district located in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines. It is home to many shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, and other businesses. The Ortigas Center is governed by the Ortigas Center Association, Inc. and is a major hub for commerce and industry in the Philippines. Commuters can transfer to the EDSA Carousel Busway from here.

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