How to commute to Climate Change Commission from BDO General Luis Caloocan?

Last Updated on November 15, 2023

Get to Climate Change Commission from BDO General Luis Caloocan via BUS and JEEP

Public Transport Guide

  1. Walk

    Distance 120 m

    1. DEPART on to service road
    2. RIGHT on to General Luis Street
  2. BUS

    Ride 13: Bagong Silang - Sta Cruz via Malinta Exit

    From: General Luis / Silver Intersection, Caloocan City

    To: Dimaslang / Ruperto S Cristobal Street Intersection, Manila

    Fare: ₱38.75

    Provider: LTFRB Service Contracting (PUB)

  3. Walk

    Distance 221 m

    1. DEPART on to Dimasalang Road
    2. LEFT on to Vicente Cruz Street
  4. JEEP

    Ride T333: Lardizabal-Rizal Ave via M. dela Fuente

    From: Vicente G Cruz / Maria Clara Street Intersection, City of Manila

    To: Lardizabal, City of Manila

    Fare: ₱13

    Provider: LTFRB Service Contracting (PUJ)

  5. Walk

    Distance 848 m

    1. DEPART on to Lardizabal Street
    2. LEFT on to M. De La Fuente Street
    3. RIGHT on to path
    4. LEFT on to Loreto Street
    5. RIGHT on to Loreto Extension
    6. LEFT on to Lacson Avenue
    7. RIGHT on to Jose P. Laurel Street

BDO General Luis Caloocan

About BDO General Luis Caloocan

The BDO General Luis-Caloocan branch is located along General Luis Street, right across the old Silver Link School of Caloocan, in North Caloocan, which is served by city bus. This thoroughfare connects Valenzuela and Novaliches. Equipped with ATMs, the branch offers a range of banking services.

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Climate Change Commission

About Climate Change Commission

The Climate Change Commission (Facebook) is the lead policy-making body of the government tasked to coordinate, monitor and evaluate government programs and ensure mainstreaming of climate change in national, local, and sectoral development plans towards a climate-resilient and climate-smart Philippines.

Its office is at 6th Floor First Residences Bldg., 1557 J.P. Laurel St. San Miguel, Manila, Philippines.
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